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The publication for   2 November 2010 y.

Public association "Participants of the property market" has announced a number of indicators of the housing market of Baku for September, 2010.During monitoring increase of seasonal activity on the primary market of the real estate has been noted. Activity was observed both in purchase and sale, and in dynamics of civil work and increase of number of the buildings which building is finished. So, September was remembered by an exit from sale of three residential buildings, two of which are in territory Jasamalsky, and one - Nasiminsky area Baku. In September the number of the building companies, as well as last month, has made 153, and the number of the buildings exposed on sale was reduced with 441 on 438. According to monitoring, in the average price of the apartments offered on sale on a city fall on 0,1 % is marked - 866 AZN  against 865 AZN  for 1 sq.m. In comparison with the beginning of 3rd quarter of current year reduction of prices has made 0,1 %, with the corresponding period of last year - of 9,6 %, and with January, 2010 of %. In comparison with the peak pre-crisis period of 2008 (September) of the price have gone down on 27,6 %.Despite the fact  that left lists of the building companies two buildings fall to Jasamal  area, as well as last months, this area occupies 1 place by quantity of under construction buildings (27,2 %). Then there are Khatai area (21,5 %) and Nasimi areas (17,1 %) Baku. As well as last months, in new buildings of more advantage it is given 3 - х room  flat .5 room apartments basically prevail in I  zone of a city, and 1 room apartments have most of all on a share of III zone.

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